COVER YOUR BOAT: A stitch in time…

COVER YOUR BOAT: A stitch in time…

Local firm Cover Your Boat is the latest recipient of an EU grant from the Low Carbon Business programme. This ‘green grant’ was used to invest in a new sewing machine to streamline their operations as they move from their home base to new premises near Danbury.

“This all sounds too good to be true but we couldn’t move forward without the funding!” Brian Sebright

Pictured: [From left to right] Brian and Marina from Cover Your Boat holding the Low Carbon Business plaque behind their shiny new Tysew machine.

Cover Your Boat received £1,000 towards a more efficient sewing machine, enabling them to fulfil a wider range of orders faster and more accurately, thus increasing capacity and reducing waste!

The firm contacted the Low Carbon Business team via a referral from Colin Stroud of the Green Business Forum. From a discussion of current outputs and profitability limitations of the existing machine, it was clear that without significant investment, Brian and Marina were hampered in the level and volume of orders which they could take.
Cover Your Boat applied for a carbon reduction ERDF grant from the Low Carbon Business programme for assistance towards the cost of this new machinery.

Cover Your Boat was successful in their grant application given the potential economic and environmental benefits and received a straight £1,000 towards the costs.

The firm is now looking at a carbon reduction of 5.5 tonnes of CO2 per annum, equating to £1,600 a year in electricity and waste (canvas and PVC).

Fresh from completing two 8 metre gigs for a local rowing club (in ½ to ⅔ the time), it meant that they made time to also donate a waterproof bag (for use on board) with the offcuts. The older machine, rather than be mothballed will be put to use for their mobile alteration service, enabling on site repairs & adjustments, saving on time & fuel in the process!!