Allied Foods- Lighting up the new home of 20 year old business

Allied Foods- Lighting up the new home of 20 year old business


Allied Foods is the latest firm to receive a carbon reduction grant from the European Regional Development funded programme Low Carbon Business.

Allied Foods is a cash and carry service, a whole supplier for restaurants in the local area. The company has recently entered its 20th year and continues to grow. The latest initiative has seen the business move premises from central Southend to a more suitable and larger facility in Eastwood.

As part of the move the business wished to upgrade the lighting to better suit the companies needs. A lighting upgrade would mean that the Allied Foods cash and carry warehouse would be brighter, but also more energy efficient.

The company spoke to the Low Carbon Business programme about a possible grant towards the project. A grant would mean that the project would be able to go ahead sooner rather than later. Low Carbon Business led Allied Foods through the grant application process.


Allied Foods was successful in the application for the European Regional Development Funded grant.
The project cost the business £10,970.00 of which the Low Carbon Business programme was able to secure a reimbursement of £4,388 towards the cost of the project.

As a result of getting the lighting replaced the firm is looking at saving 26,428 kWh per annum, which equates to 13.87 tonnes of CO2.

On top of this, Allied Foods will be able to save £3,842.72 in overhead costs every year.

The new lights are a welcome addition to the new Allied Foods premises. The new centre is enjoying the new lighting.